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Everybody wants to get published and become famous. What most people don't have is a good 'gimmick'. In the music industry, this would be in the form of a hit song, and a live act. A hit song is paramount to success in the music industry. Without it, you have nothing. Consider the songs on an album of any successful performer or group. You will notice that apart from the hit songs, most remaining songs on an album are basically mediocre songs. The hit song is what makes the album a success. Click here to learn more about what the industry considers as good music.

More than one hit song may appear on an album.  Some songs become hit songs to the surprise of the artist.  Several hit songs on an album have the tendency of producing more sales for the album, but can limit the artist's ability to produce numerous quality albums.  Record Producers are also interested in bands that are able to perform a nominally decent live act.  Successful concert tours translate to higher album sales.  A prominent Producer in Florida recounted an occasion where a Rock group had produced a spectacular album, but the live act turned out to be mediocre at best, leaving one to wonder what kind of magic was produced in the studio.  However, there are some bands that have been able to sell a substantial number of albums and managed to be successful, amid having a bad sounding live act. 

With the advent of the internet, there exists the possibility of collaborating on songs across long distances.  Peer to peer software seems to be the solution to this problem.  One example is the upcoming VST plugin from Digital Musician.NET, that's currently in public beta.  This software would allow for real-time distributed music production via the Internet.  To make this work, the software would have to seamlessly compensate for any delays caused by the transfer of data across the internet.  It is my intention to seek out and encourage open-source software that will provide this functionality to the independent musician.

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