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Who are we, and what do we do?

What is the deal with Indy Music Central? Quite simply, this website is all about bringing independent musicians together and providing the resources that might help in bringing them success in the music industry. I decided that I should design a website with a different concept in mind: Help the Independent musician get recognized and produced.

Things to keep in Mind

It is extremely difficult to get into the music industry - period. Unless of course, you're good. :) Not only do you have to be good, you have to be entertaining. Record companies want to know if you can perform as well as put out hit records.

People in this industry have realized one thing: you have to spend a lot of time on the road. Exposure means everything.  With the advent of the internet, there exists the possibility of online concerts - where band members may even be able to play from individually remote areas! It is my hope and desire to make this become a reality for the Independent musician. Imagine being able to have band practice without having to leave the house.  One person could be in Sweden, and another in the U.S.!

Broadband speeds, compressed music files (MP3s), and larger FTP space (including hosting your own FTP site), are all avenues which are allowing people to collaborate on songs across long distances. These are exciting times, and one of my goals is to see to it that the independent musician gets the best available resources for their success and enjoyment. I think this should come as a free service - after all, if it's free, more people are likely to come. If they like your music, they would probably be willing to buy it. It all boils down to exposure. These days you can make an extremely decent recording on a computer without having to pay the ridiculously high cost of going to a studio.  It is my intention to provide the resources necessary to help accomplish these things, and I feel confident that this website will be a great source of inspiration and guidance to a successful career in the music industry.  Please feel free to offer suggestions for improvement, and any offers or ideas that you think may be essential to the cause, by clicking here.


Rick Lamoreaux

Webmaster/Creator of Indy Music Central


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